Jamieson Primary School...
Address:       Nash Street Jamieson 3723 Australia
Telephone:   03 5777 0535
email:             jamieson.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

The first Jamieson Primary School was built of timber and was opened in 1865, and was replaced by the current brick structure in 1878.

Over the years enrolments have fluctuated, following the boom and bust cycles of the gold and timber industries, from 275 to 7!

There are currently 16 children at the school. Jamieson Primary has two classrooms. Pupils receive real individual care and guidance in their pursuit of knowledge.

The school enjoys a high level of community support and involvement, it provides a sense of family, where all children care for each other. The community is highly involved with the school, which has created a strong community ownership of the school.

The school is noted for its music and arts program, with open days and school concerts being patronised by a large number of locals and family members.
You can't beat a rural education!
Peace Man!
Trick or Treat?
Fran Bailey MHR, a former local member, Phil O'Brien, a former Jamieson Policeman, and Jammo schoolchildren outside the hall.